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ManaBit Broadband Accounting and Management System (BAMS)

    ManaBit Broadband Accounting and Management System (BAMS) is a complete Internet service provider management suite. It is a single, unified, all encompassing software solution which delivers comprehensive features including: accounting, provisioning, document management, trouble ticketing, staff/contractor management/scheduling from a web based interface as well as a mobile application. Bams integrates with the ManaSchedule software as well as the Tower Control System (TCS) hardware to deliver unprecedented levels of automation, cost cutting and efficiency.


    One of the challenges faced by any growing business with a significant geography is ensuring the efficiency of traveling field staff. ManaBit ManaSchedule is a proprietary, heuristic based approach to the traditional computing science travelling salesman problem which allows providers to deliver a reasonably optimized schedule while abstracting and automating the process. ManaSchedule instantly provides sales or technical staff with date and time options which are reasonably optimal within the schedule and allows managers to monitor the efficiency of the system.

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